Vucci Law Group


Below are only a few of the cases which I have participated in which have yielded the following results:

  • Cruise passenger with broken ankle – settlement over $100,000;
  • Cruise passenger with traumatic brain injury settlement over $400,000;
  • Traumatic brain injury, verdict of over 1 million dollars;
  • Injured worker resulting in 3 back surgeries, verdict over 2 million dollars;
  • Injured seaman / life threatening infection resulting in brain damage – settlement over 2 million dollars;
  • Injured worker left in semi-vegetative state – settlement over 4.5 million dollars;
  • Slip and fall passenger with broken leg — settlement over $100,000
  • Injured worker with life threatening kidney illness – kidney replacement – settlement over 1 million dollars;
  • Individual with two back surgeries as a result of bad medical care resulting in a settlement over $400,000;
  • Seaman injured on boat – back surgery and total disability – settlement over $900,000;
  • Defense worker in Iraq with PTSD, settlement over $100,000;
  • Slip and fall resulting in broken elbow – settlement over $150,000;