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FELA – Railroad Workers

FELA is the Federal law which protects Railroad workers. Railroad workers get hurt everyday both from employer negligence and from the environment they are exposed to!
There is a three (3) year statute to bring your claim;
You get to choose your own physician;
You can receive benefits while you are ill and your claim is still pending; and
You may bring your claim in State or Federal court.
In a FELA claim you the worker can be compensated for your employer’s negligence, NO MATTER HOW SLIGHT IT IS, when it causes your injury. Like a general negligence claim you have to prove:
Duty – the FELA statute outlines the duty owed to you the Railroad worker, that you are provided a reasonably safe place to work;
Breach of Duty – was your employer negligent? Was your work place reasonably safe?;
Causation – did the negligence, no matter how slight cause your injury?; and
Damages – what are your damages?
It is critical that you the injured Railroad worker CHOOSE your own doctor! Remember Company doctors will only try to rush you back to work!
Environmental injuries
There are also those injuries which are caused by the environment that you work in such as noise pollution, air pollution, etc… You still have to prove the elements of negligence but you can collect if your employer failed to protect you from the ENVIRONMENT in which you work!
Strict Liability claims
Finally, there are some injuries to Railroad workers which are known as STRICT LIABILITY CLAIMS. If your employer fails to abide by certain laws and you are injured you need not prove negligence you only need to prove your employer DIDN’T FOLLOW THE LAW.
What are your damages? An injured Railroad worker can collect for:
Lost wages, both past and future;
Pain and suffering;
Medical expenses, again both past and future;
Out of pocket expenses; and
The loss of fringe benefits from the loss of your work.
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