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Cruise Ship Injuries and Assualts

I have dealt with passenger cruise lines for years and I am experienced with their HARD BALL tactics. Often a passenger will get injured on a cruise and communicate with the cruise line in an attempt to reach a settlement on their own. The cruise line will respond with a few letters back but often without really saying anything. BEWARE !
CRUISE LINES will delay your case because:
1) OFTEN YOU ONLY HAVE ONE YEAR (1) TO FILE YOUR SUIT – Often a cruise line will lead you on hoping that one year passes so you lose your rights! Most people don’t know that their ticket contract often states they only have one year (1) to bring a claim.
YOU HAVE TO FILE IN FEDERAL COURT IN MIAMI! Most people don’t know that their ticket contract often states that all lawsuits are to be brought in Miami, in Federal Court.
It is important to get a local Miami lawyer who deals with admiralty law and cruise ships when representing you! Our office deals with:
– 1) Injuries on cruise ships to passengers;
2) Injuries to passengers while on OFF SHORE EXCURSIONS sponsored by the cruise line;
3) Negligence of a ship’s medical doctors; BEWARE!! Admiralty law is very specialized – Most people aren’t aware that cruise line doctors are held to
be INDEPENDENT CONTRACTORS under the law and you can’t sue the cruise line directly even when the doctor makes a mistake that could cost you
your life !! Get a lawyer who knows about Admiralty law and the AGENCY issues that accompany it!
Perhaps the most sensitive and horrific experience can be if you are assaulted on a ship!
1) Report the incident immediately;
2) Get medical help immediately;
3) Go to the ship’s infirmary immediately and demand you be given a rape treatment kit. If you aren’t given one get one as soon as you can;
4) Report the incident to ship security immediately;
5) Seek medical and psychiatric counseling; and
6) Report this to the FBI – they will investigate.
A cruise line is held strictly liable for the acts of a crew member who assaults a passenger.
Most of all it is not your fault.
Seek help right away and protect your RIGHTS!!
Dealing with passenger cruise lines is a daunting task if you don’t have the right legal representation.
Call our office for help!
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