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Admiralty Law

Admiralty law is a combination of common law and statutory law:
If you work for a US company, a foreign company with offices here or a foreign company / US company that has ships that call here you may be covered.
The time to bring a claim is usually 3 years.
Under the Jones Act you can sue for negligence or for bad medical treatment you receive from your employer.
If a ship is unseaworthy and causes your injury you can bring a claim as well – even if the ship owner didn’t know about the condition.
Maintenance and Cure provides you with medical treatment and daily living expenses while you are out of work even if not caused by negligence.
If there is a question as to whether you are at what is known as maximum medical improvement – or the best you are going to be in recovering from an injury / illness – remember you always get the benefit of the doubt. GET YOUR OWN DOCTOR!
If you are provided with poor maintenance or no maintenance you may recover damages even if the reason you are sick in the first place was not due to negligence.
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