Medical Malpractice actions are a specialized form of negligence where an individual is harmed by the malpractice of a physician or the staff of a hospital OR both! There are some important distinctions that you as a Floridian need to know!


  Generally, with some limited exceptions, Medical Malpractice actions must be filed within two years of the act that injured you.

You are required to fulfill certain obligations prior to filing a lawsuit to allow you to bring a claim.

You need to know if your doctor carried insurance.** Most people donít know that most doctors do not, and are not obligated to, carry malpractice insurance.

The Florida legislature has placed certain caps or limits on how much a person can recover for their pain and suffering as a result of a physicianís malpractice.

You will need an expert to testify on your behalf and a law firm that has the resources, knowledge, and experience to finish your claim for you!

Remember we only get paid if we get a recovery for you!



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